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Reblogged: The Safety of Being a Christian In America, Part One: What Is Persecution?

April 22, 2013

This is an excellent post by Liz Boltz Ranfeld, whose whole blog is really worth a perusal. Although she is specifically discussing Christianity in America, I think the same message can be applied to other groups who believe that any challenge to their traditional postion of power and influence equates with persecution (i.e. people who think it’s necessary to advocate for “men’s rights” or “straight pride” or “white pride”).

Liz Boltz Ranfeld

There is a certain attitude among my fellow Christians that really bothers me. I know it bothers other Christians, too, and it really bothers non-believers. The attitude is based on the myth that Christians in the United States are persecuted for their beliefs.

This is a deeply ingrained myth. Before addressing the benefits of being a Christian in America, I’d like to address the myth itself. Let’s consider whether or not Christians are persecuted in America.

First, we need to choose a definition of persecution. Wikipedia gives us this handy definition: “Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another group.” There are two keywords here that I want to focus on: systematic and  mistreatment.


For something to be systematic, it must go beyond isolated incidents. If Person A ridicules Person B for being a believer, then Person A is probably a jerk. But!…

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