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Interlude: Warm Fuzzies

September 16, 2010

Sometimes there are things that make you feel all happy and warm and hopeful for the future, y’know?

Click to feel the warm fuzzies (EDIT: Or not. Oops)

I remember being asked this riddle in high school. And no, I didn’t figure out the answer. Hooray for generational advancements in social enlightenment!

EDIT: Damn, the video I had linked to has expired from ABC’s news site, and I can’t find it on YouTube. Here is an overview of the segment; the part that made me feel fuzzy and warm was not only that many of the kids got the “right” answer, but that quite a few replied, as if it were no big deal, that the boy might have had two fathers.

Anyway, there’s a new video I want to share, although this one is more “have-your-kleenex-ready” rather than “click-for-warm-fuzzies”. This is Fort Worth, Texas councilman Joel Burns bravely sharing his very moving personal story in response to the recent rash of teen suicides.


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